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Welcome to our August 2020 Blog


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Thank you to all those guests who gave their support. We hope our VIP guests are enjoying recipe No.2 from "A Taste of Aquaria" Cook Book  We apologise to everyone who ordered the digital cook book, for the long wait. We are pleased to report that after a few hiccups, this is now on it's way to you.   It's a flip book with 50 pages of recipes, photos, quotes, poems, all made with a lot of love. If you would like to become a VIP member, or order the digital flip cook book, then check out the April/May Blog Appeal for details. 


Well, the news around the world is still not too good relating to the Covid 19 Pandemic.   In Bali, as I predicted, the infections have doubled due to the influx of returnees, from other places and islands.   In New Zealand we are having trouble with quarantine, and infections have risen again, and the news in Melbourne and Victoria is disheartening.   But we are lucky that we are not living in Brazil, and we send out love to all ofthose who are caught up in political and government causes. Life has changed for all of us, and it will not be the same for a long time.  Even Bali is using the phrase, "New Normal", but I am not sure what it means for them.  Bali is now planning to open up to international travel in September, regardless of what the rest of the world is saying. For example, we hear that Australians are banned from leaving the country until June 2021.  We dont know yet what this effect will have on tourism in Bali.  However, as I thought, Bali will promote to the Chinese first, and also to domestic tourism, and we are expected to open and be ready, although we havn't yet been inspected or told to close.


Thank you all for your support.  Your donations have been invaluable. On 1st July the first food support packs went out to all Aquaria staff. This is what they chose to do with the support we received.   They will share it out for up to 6 months, to supplement their income from Aquaria, and it will ensure that they have the staple food to support their families.   We added fish from Budiasa, to the staple food pack.  As far as I am aware, there has been no further support from the government.  Four of our staff have been off sick, and although they have been to the doctor, as I requested, they have not received any info on Covid or any Covid test. It's compulsory that Aquaria pays the government for all staff health care each month, therefore, to me it should also be compulsory that, if they are sick and cannot work in the midst of this world pandemic, then the least that should be done is a Covid test.  I feel I  cannot allow these staff back to work now for at least 15 days, even though 3 have recovered,  until I can be sure they are not a risk to their co - workers.    It is so clear from NZ and from Melbourne, that infections can spread so quickly from just one infected person.


Staff are keeping busy still working 15 days a month to maintain Aquaria;  refreshing and updating and keeping it aired. They have been working on repairs to the ocean wall and also  sanding and whitewashing doors to give rooms a new fresh look.


As we have one builder available, as well as all the staff, (and we had already ceramic in stock),  we decided to renovate the bathrooms in the ocean front rooms.  This is under way now, and there have been a lot of questions and photos going back and forth via Whatsapp.  I am keeping fingers crossed that it all works out well, without my physical supervision!


The ocean wall needed major support, due to cracks from heavy seas, under the ocean pool.  All staff were helping to bring the rocks and sand to the ocean front. 



"When we are centred in oursleves, even for brief periods of time, in the face of the pull of the outside world, we can be at home wherever we find ourselves, at peace with things as they are, moment by moment."  Jon Kabbat-Zinn   

All the newsletters and recipes have been sent out to all our VIP guests in  June and July, and we are now preparing to send out the 3rd recipe for month No.3.





Once again, thank you so much to our wonderful guests.  Your support has helped me to keep the team together, and to ensure they will have enough to eat for a few months at least.    Take care all of you, We need you back!!! 

Jeni and the Aquaria team


  "Take your life in your own hands, and what happens? a terrible thing! - There no one to blame", Erica Jung




Maybe Trump could consider this Quote? :   There is a price to pay for being attached to the narrow point of view of being right.




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