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Boutique hotel & eco resort in Candi Dasa, Bali

Candi Dasa boutique hotel & eco resort, East Bali

Candi Dasa, Bali oceanfront hotel at Aquaria Bali boutique hotel and eco resort

In the heart of the Bali seaside village of Candi Dasa, Aquaria boutique hotel and eco resort offers a peaceful oasis where you can relax and revitalise in simple luxury.

12 rooms frame the aquamarine, crystal-clear pool and all are just metres from the ocean's edge. 

Choose an ocean front room to enjoy the waves 10 metres from your terrace edge or a poolside room for an ocean view when you step out onto your terrace, no more than 50 metres from where the ocean meets the shore.

Every room at this boutique hotel and eco resort is elegantly and tastefully furnished to provide light, airy, comfortable and spacious accommodation.

Aquaria Eco Resort's seaside restaurant offers daily organic taste sensations

Our food marries the freshest of local Balinese ingredients with the delicate spices and delicious flavours of Asian fusion cuisine, drawing inspiration from around the Pacific Rim.

In the centre of Candi Dasa, Bali yet away from it all

Aquaria Bali eco resort and boutique hotel, Candi Dasa, Bali

Venture down Aquaria's cool, palm tree-lined driveway and a sense of peace pervades your soul.

It’s a magical place that let you leave the worries of your world behind and truly unwind.

Enjoy life’s simple pleasures soaking up the sun, sipping a fresh juice and swimming chemical-free in the natural stone, ionised pool - cool, clean and aquamarine.

Soothe your mind and body with Balinese spa treatment

Restore your equilibrium and enhance your wellbeing with a blissful massage and natural body, face, hand and feet rituals at Aquaria's Inner Temple Spa.

And when you’re tired of relaxing, traditional East Bali awaits you with its magical temples and water palaces, ancient villages and colourful ceremonies.

A Balinese eco resort and hotel like no other 

Boutique hotel and eco resort, Candi Dasa, Bali

Aquaria Eco Resort considers every detail, so all you need to do is enjoy every moment of your stay.

Aquaria's water is so pure and clean that you can drink it without relying on purchased bottled water.  

Linens are laundered with natural cleansers so they stay soft and comfortable. Rooms are cleaned without the use of chemicals, so the environment stays clean and clear.

Fresh, mouthwatering breakfast platters change daily to excite your senses and are served on oversized terraces overlooking the pool.  

Come on in… and experience the magic of Aquaria Eco Resort, Bali.

... Bali's relaxed season ... 


It seems to be birthday time in February! It's Jeni's birthday month! and also three of our deeply valued staff members Budi, Widia and Gusti all a year older!

If you happen to see them please wish them a "selamat ulang tahun!" meaning happy birthday in Bahasa Indonesia. During this time both Jeni and Glyn are in New Zealand but please be sure to watch for specials that are coming up this season.


All of our rooms are undertaking an upgrade! So hopefully upon your next visit you will be able to enjoy our new and upgraded rooms. Bali in February is usually a quieter time regarding tourism and guests here at Aquaria. An ultimate time to escape the hustle and bustle and have a peaceful getaway. The weather is similar as in January with the occasional rain throughout the day.

February is a very special and unique time for the locals for preparation is underway for Nyepi. The young and old in most of the nearby villages - except in the village of Samuh - Bug Bug village located close by will be carefully constructing ogoh ogoh. These are large hand crafted and designed monster like statues that parade through the villages prior to celebration of Nyepi - the Balinese silent day which occurs in the month of March. Samuh village does not create ogoh - ogoh.

Samuh being the only place in Bali where the ogoh - ogoh is banished because of a story being that the ogah ogah would not burn after trying 6 times, and so the mungkus (priests) talked to the gods and were told that they must ban the making of them. We choose to take our guests on a tour to see the ogoh-ogoh parade which usually occurs in one of our staff member Budi's village or to Manggis, to see the ogoh - ogoh parade.

Aquaria follows the Nyepi (silent day) tradition by being quiet using no electricity, no TV, no music and no noise between 6am and 6pm. Guests are not allowed out in the street for 24 hours during this event.

The whole island in March reverberates silence, no cars, no motorbikes, no lights just silence. It is a sacred time to tap into being and appreciate. It is a quiet month here but this month is just as soothing to the soul as any other.

Trust you are all happy and healthy and that the new year is treating you well. ​

Matur Suskema ​

- Mirani

Oceanfront and poolside accommodation

  • Standard Poolside King
    Pool front
    $ 70 USD per night
  • Standard Poolside King / Twin
    Pool front
    $ 70 USD per night
  • Poolside Superior King
    Pool front
    $ 75 USD per night
  • Poolside Superior King / Twin
    Pool front
    $ 75 USD per night
  • Oceanview Poolside AC room King or Twin
    Pool front
    $ 80 USD per night
  • Oceanfront Room
    Ocean front
    $ 90 USD per night
  • Upstairs Oceanfront Penthouse Apartment
    Ocean front
    $ 125 USD per night
  • Oceanfront Bungalow
    Ocean front
    $ 130 USD per night
  • Grande Apartment
    Pool front
    $ 145 USD per night

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