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 Introducing Splash Oceanfront Dining on the Waves and Under the Stars!    

The official opening was in June during a special temple ceremony - the menus are printed, and the BBQ has been built. Splash! is now ready and open for visitors! Whilst the Splash! menu is all seafood, our normal menu will also be available to oceanfront diners. A new opening cocktail was introduced, "Anniversary Splash!" - a gorgeous deep blue topped with a white lychee scented foam to represent the surf and the blue sea. During July and August tides are low in the evening, and so you can sit and watch the waves whilst sipping a signature cocktail, and dine under the stars with just the sound of the waves. Special BBQ evenings will be held once or twice a week during the season - featuring fish and prawn kebabs, whole snapper, together with our unique favourites. During the daytime, our restaurant converts back to a relaxing terrace for our guests and visitors. The ocean front dining terrace has been cleverly designed so that it does not impact or disturb the guests in the ocean front rooms. They still have their ocean and garden view, as the tables and diners are out of sight below the ocean wall !

Guests are welcome to dine here from 6pm until 10pm (tidal times). There is a daily changing seafood menu and BBQ nights. Watch the sun set, the waves, stargaze and sip a cocktail at SPLASH! Our other menus are also available for you including organic meals, vegetables and salads.  


 The Holidays are here!

July is a time for holidays, so both sides of the world, Europeans and Australians converge in Bali at High Season. It can be a crazy time, so crowded,and it makes our heads so crowded too. Everyone going hither and thither: trying to see as much as they can during their short time in Bali. It’s like a migration, where the birds sweep in and swoop around and then follow in formation! The Australians and New Zealanders are trying to escape the winter, and the Europeans are getting out of their work and cities, to experience the magic that is Bali. 

In such busy times, let's consider these words, written by Ralph Waldo Trine over 100 years ago: 

“Oh, the thousands of men and women all about us, weary with care, troubled and ill at ease, running hither and thither to find peace; weary in body and soul and mind; going to other countries, travelling the world over, coming back, and still not finding it!”. Of course they have not found it and they never will find it in this way, because they are looking for it where it is not. They are looking for it outside themselves, when they should look within. Peace is to be found only within, and unless one finds it there, he will never find it at all.  Peace lies not in the external world.  It lies within one’s own soul"

- Ralph Waldo Trine 1899 


And so, Aquaria offers a space in which to rest,

where nothing disturbs your outward eye,

where the staff are relaxed and peaceful and will not hassle you,

where the water is fresh and clean, 

where the food is organic and fresh, simply and beautifully prepared

with a daily changing menu, so that you never have to even think about what to eat,

it's all been taken care of........                                              

A place where the ocean waves come up to the sea wall changing

the energy, and bringing bright new futures,

taking away the old ways that no longer serve you.

Aquaria: A place in harmony and balance.

A place to nurture the soul.

The colours, the staff, the fabric of Aquaria all feed the spirit,

the body, the mind and the total being…. 

Transformation is possible, all is possible…

In a totally safe and nurturing environment without any

meditations or yoga or other practices….

It is the combination of nature in harmony and  balance,

that truly transforms you.   

And if all you need is a relaxing holiday, then it will do that too.   

You will not be disturbed by the energy, you will be lulled by it,

maybe have the best sleep you have had in years,

and you will go away refreshed and renewed.

"The way of the mindful traveller

- Jeni , Aquaria 2017


Our June 10th birthday was a special occasion and we decided to celebrate early and reserve it especially for the staff and the owners, with only 2 other returning guests (Peter and Wendy) present.

Some of the things we did were against the rules of Aquaria ! but normal for a Balinese ceremony, and therefore it was special to the staff that they could have the suckling pig, the beer, and the palm wine.

A special treat for them was throwing everyone in the pool and playing volleyball. Even Peter was thrown in the pool, and Wendy had a bucket of water thrown over her, no one was safe!


It was great to see all staff and their families having fun and so we were able to have an unrestricted birthday party at Aquaria, and everyone had a great time.

We had musical chairs and hoopla, both hilarious.

Some naughty person ran off with the last chair and jumped in the ocean pool!

In hoopla Murni was seen running and grabbing the prizes off the sand and opening them first to check how much money was inside!

They were all trying to get the big prize. 

No one had chance to open their own prize, before Murni had dashed in!

After dinner there was a birthday cake for Wendy’s birthday and  a birthday cake for Aquaria. The night ended with an enigmatic and exhilarating performance from the local jogeg, kecak group, around the open fire in front of the ocean, with fireworks interspersing their songs. The energy was high, and the spirits were pleased. The lone dancer was asking for a partner to dance with, and some did get up and dance with her.  When it was Jeni's turn she also pulled Toris up to dance and although the dancer was confused, Toris said he would only dance if they did it  all together. It was the only way to get him up; his dancing was unique and amazing. Bagus had his first performance with the group, and all were touched to see him moved with the trancelike music and rhythm. 

  BUDIASA ! For the 8th of July

 Budiasa came as a school trainee, he was so polite, well spoken, efficient, quiet, flexible and willing to do anything, and so we asked him to come back to work for us once he had finished his school training and he is still here, and still the same. Always kind and polite, and reserved. I remember the first time the other staff threw him in the pool on his birthday, he was so shocked he hadn't seen it happen before, but he took it all in his stride.  It was almost like some initiation process, he is now so happy to be included with the Aquaria "gang". I wonder if he will break out of his shell, but I think his character is quiet, polite and shy. He is the one the others ask to cover their shift, or work extra, or do split shifts, he is always ready to show willing, but does he always want to? It's hard to know. So many different characters make up the Aquaria team, it's good to have a quiet one. - Jeni 

and MADE ROCKY!  for the 9th of July

 Made Rocky, a deeply spiritual sensitive soul, still searching for a place to BE. Quietly and meditatively, Made goes about all his work. Just to watch him is relaxing. Cleaning windows takes on a special meaning. He is so happy to be in the Aquaria community, he seems to want nothing more than to belong, and not be hassled and just does his job with pride and satisfaction. If we want something done, Made is always willing to help in all departments. Here at Aquaria he can breathe, and think, and relax. Out there in the world, it is more difficult. Those who take time to get to know the real Made Rocky, will see his gentle heart and a nature that belies his life and the difficulties he faces on a daily basis. We see strength, compassion, commitment, trust, responsibility and love. He is older than most of the others, and his hair is longer, he has been around a bit, been in love, lost love, and now is less open, less hopeful maybe. Whether serious or joking, Made Rocky lights up our lives.  - Jeni






Wayan Tison one of our wonderful waiters at Aquaria's restaurant was married on 14th June with simple yet memorable wedding ceremony. Only family and close friends were invited to the official ceremony, as is customary in Bali. All the Aquaria staff  and owners were invited to  the reception on the 13 June, also customary in Bali for the reception to come before the wedding.The food was excellent. The Aquaria Team wish Tison and his beautiful wife happiness in their marriage and for the rest of their life together. It was lovely to see Tison so happy and smiling. 


 “When we let go limitations and trust, we reach a place where the inner voice will always speak, where it will never fail us if we follow it, and as a consequence, where we will always have Divine illumination and guidance”  Ralph Waldo Trine 189

 The Aquaria team wish you a wonderful, peaceful and rewarding month of July. 

Thankyou to those who have kindly taken the time out of their day to read our blog this month, we appreciate this immensely.

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Matur Suksema. 






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