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As you may know this month Aquaria celebrates its official 10 years of opening.The Aquaria 10th Anniversary birthday party was brought forward to 31 May as June has become a bit busy, with celebrations, ceremonies and wedding. All those guests who were in house were invited to join in the celebrations.





Welcome to June !

As you may know this month Aquaria celebrates its official 10 years of opening.The Aquaria 10th Anniversary birthday party was brought forward to 31 May as June has become a bit busy, with celebrations, ceremonies and wedding. All those guests who were in house were invited to join in the celebrations. There was a seafood BBQ at the ocean front plus a Magibung-  Balinese sharing dinner with a traditional ceremony special meal of suckling pig (Babi Guling) for the Balinese staff (although guests were welcome to try the suckling pig too).

I hear there were fireworks, dancing and music. Although everything at Aquaria is usually quiet and low key, so this celebration certainly was not a rowdy party, unless the staff ran around like kids, throwing water baloons, eggs and throwing eachother in the pool! Some of the staff will also be celebrating 10 years at Aquaria this year, including Ketut, Wayan Toris, Wayan Putu and Nyoman Bagus,

A special ceremony will be held for the ocean temple at Aquaria on 7th June, and “SPLASH” Sunset Lounge and  the new ocean front seafood dining area will be opened at the same time.  A small celebration with cocktails and starters is planned. Weekend  Seafood BBQ’s will be a weekly occurrence throughout the high season as well as brunch and lunch and a changing seafood menu will be available every day.

Calender of events : 

The 39th Annual Bali Arts Festival - Date: 10 June - 8 July, 2017 (tentative)

A yearly celebration which incudes performances and exhibitions from numerous diverse kinds of cultural achievements and artworks

Perang Pandan or 'Mekare-Kare' - Date: 13 June and 11 July, 2017 (tentative)

Located in the nearby Bali Aga Village known as Tenangan Peringsingan, Karangasem - East Bali. (Tenganan village is now a world heritage Unesco site).  The ancient traditions of the Daug Takad village include the ritual blood sport named 'perang pandan' translating to 'thorny pandan-leaf battles' which is a coming of age among the youth of the village which coincides with the annual Ngusaba Desa ceremonies.

Tumpek Kandang - Date: 24 June 2017

A special day that is purely dedicated to blessing domesticated animals such as livestock. Offerings are made that are gifted to the hindu god Rudra in order to receive successful farming and animal welfare which is for the environment to create sustenance and happiness for humans and animals alike. This day is part of a series of Tumpek days which are all specific for sacred things in life.

  • Tumpek Uduh is for plants
  • Tumpek Landep for metal objects and tools
  • Tumpek Kuningan for the spirits of the ancestral
  • Tumpek Wayang for the shadow puppets - Wayan Kulit
  • and finally Tumpek Krulut for the traditional gamelan musical instruments


 All of these three special events occur within the 210 - day cycle on the Puwuokan calender.



Jembatan Senang handicapped children are still enjoying their half hour swimming lesson at Aquaria, once every two weeks.This time a family with 4 children from France were so touched by the experience that they offered a very welcome donation to the school, and we thank them. Another guest said, “Don't ever stop the children coming to Aquaria, they are amazing, and when they sing they seem to be calling in healing”. She shared that she had a healing experience when her headache disappeared as the children sang. It is great to see the children’s courage and confidence has improved by leaps and bounds over the years. Our wish is that one day they could have their own pool at the school,so they could swim every day, and donations would be gratefully received for this idea, although we expect there are so many things they need before that. 


 Room Renovations :

Aquaria is always maintaining and upgrading its property to enhance the guest experience. Staff are always painting and there is always something new, but the changes are subtle and always cohesive.

Most of the showers in the bathrooms have been now upgraded, and  more renovations are programmed during Aquaria’s quiet time. Comfortable wicker chairs and cushions have been added to most terraces, and all terraces have either sofas or loungers. The ocean front bungalow has its own huge white wicker day bed out on their ocean front terrace, and matching casual relaxing chairs.

Whilst Aquaria can’t do any major or noisy wall renovations during guests occupancy, the management do listen to all reviews and comments and continually improve and change to suit the needs of their guests. Little things are being done to make things better for guests. A new tea making area has been created in one of the ocean front room, and glass door to the bathroom to make the room brighter and lighter. Even more bean loungers have been added this year, to replace those that are often away for repair, and there will be some more hammocks appearing  again this season.

Each room is carefully checked each year; pillows, sheets, towels are replaced twice a year;  taps, shower heads, air conditioning units, sliding door mechanisms -  all are  being continually renewed -  even  lamps, cushions, wall hangings, mirrors are replaced. The little extra beds in each room have been given a face lift and now have comfortable covers and cushions for relaxing. To offer more flexibility, most rooms now have an extra bed or a child’s bed, these are free for children under 5 (children are limited to 1 per room to avoid overcrowding and disturbance for other guests).







Flat screen TV’s have been added to the ocean front bungalow as well as the upstairs Ocean Front apartment/suite, both of these rooms have internet TV. The TV’s in the other rooms will be replaced with flat screen tv’s over the coming years. The DVD library has also been upgraded and checked.  New titles are always being added, as Aquaria still chooses not to have satellite dish frequency on the premises. Aquaria's philosophy is that "no news is good news",  and you don't need to hear bad news on your holidays, so therefore Aquaria chooses not to have tv or newspapers.  The wifi is always being upgraded and new routers added, but as the supplier has the monopoly, service can never be guaranteed.

The relaxing ocean front terraces are almost complete with decks and terraces right on the ocean, and yet not blocking the view from the ocean front rooms.

Tables and chairs will be set up on the ocean terraces when the waves are not too high, for romantic dinners and sunset cocktails. Shade sails or umbrellas are planned to give more shade at the ocean taking care not to block the views.

The next projects for upgrade are the reception and carpark, and the ocean front spa. Now that the temple has been moved, the ocean front spa can be extended allowing double massage at the ocean...over the waves.

The two oceanview Poolside Rooms will be ready in June, the fan cooled room from the oceanview apartment has been changed and is now an airconditioned room with king or twin beds….They are the two rooms behind the ocean front bungalow (Villa one).




A turtle has been visiting Aquaria for the month of May 2017!


The turtle totem wisdom teaches us about our path in peace and sticking to it with determination and serenity. Slow moving on earth, yet also incredibly fast and agile in water, those who have the turtle as totem or spirit animal may be encouraged to take a break in their busy lives and look around within themselves for more grounded, long-lasting solutions. Traditionally, the turtle is symbolic of the way of peace, whether it's inviting us to cultivate peace of mind or a peaceful relationship with our environment.



The Restaurant 

A few comfortable rattan chairs have been added , so that guests can now dine in relaxed comfort in front of the pool and the ocean. 

The Aquaria menu is constantly changing and evolving to suit guest’s needs, although Aquaria will always stay within its philosophy.  Sometimes they will  have the daily changing menu, and sometimes they have a fixed menu. Depending upon the guests in house - but Jeni is always testing out and creating new menus with her team- so always expect something new, but let them know if you want something from the old menu.

Now that Jeni is back in Bali maybe she can be persuaded to continue with the master classes, for those guests who want to learn to make some of the recipes.




May has been a healing month; many guests have been able to see Balian Nengah for healing therapy, and have had amazing experiences and some have received energy from Aquaria, it's land and it's people.  

Aquaria is nurturing to the soul, so whatever you need to leave behind will be transmuted back to the Earth and whatever you need to take away will bless and guide you.




What a journey! So many things have happened over the last 10 years...... we have

met some wonderful people, and had some amazing experiences, and maybe I can

write about a few of these in the coming “blogs”.

Our combined earth, water & fire energies have created Aquaria, and with the

support of our wonderful staff and guests, Aquaria continues to evolve and change

within its framework and philosophy under our guidance.



Thought for June: 

"Whenever you are in doubt about the course you should pursue, or after having turned to every outward means of guidance, then let the inward eye see, and let the inward ear hear, and allow this simple, natural, beautiful process to go on unimpeded by questionings and doubts" 

- Ralph Waldo Trine, 1899

With thanks to you all.

- The Aquaria Team


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