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Boutique hotel & eco resort in Candi Dasa, Bali

Candi Dasa boutique hotel & eco resort, East Bali

Candi Dasa, Bali oceanfront hotel at Aquaria Bali boutique hotel and eco resort

In the heart of the Bali seaside village of Candi Dasa, Aquaria boutique hotel and eco resort offers a peaceful oasis where you can relax and revitalise in simple luxury.

12 rooms frame the aquamarine, crystal-clear pool and all are just metres from the ocean's edge. 

Choose an ocean front room to enjoy the waves 10 metres from your terrace edge or a poolside room for an ocean view when you step out onto your terrace, no more than 50 metres from where the ocean meets the shore.

Every room at this boutique hotel and eco resort is elegantly and tastefully furnished to provide light, airy, comfortable and spacious accommodation.

Aquaria Eco Resort's seaside restaurant offers daily organic taste sensations

Our food marries the freshest of local Balinese ingredients with the delicate spices and delicious flavours of Asian fusion cuisine, drawing inspiration from around the Pacific Rim.

In the centre of Candi Dasa, Bali yet away from it all

Aquaria Bali eco resort and boutique hotel, Candi Dasa, Bali

Venture down Aquaria's cool, palm tree-lined driveway and a sense of peace pervades your soul.

It’s a magical place that let you leave the worries of your world behind and truly unwind.

Enjoy life’s simple pleasures soaking up the sun, sipping a fresh juice and swimming chemical-free in the natural stone, ionised pool - cool, clean and aquamarine.

Soothe your mind and body with Balinese spa treatment

Restore your equilibrium and enhance your wellbeing with a blissful massage and natural body, face, hand and feet rituals at Aquaria's Inner Temple Spa.

And when you’re tired of relaxing, traditional East Bali awaits you with its magical temples and water palaces, ancient villages and colourful ceremonies.

A Balinese eco resort and hotel like no other 

Boutique hotel and eco resort, Candi Dasa, Bali

Aquaria Eco Resort considers every detail, so all you need to do is enjoy every moment of your stay.

Aquaria's water is so pure and clean that you can drink it without relying on purchased bottled water.  

Linens are laundered with natural cleansers so they stay soft and comfortable. Rooms are cleaned without the use of chemicals, so the environment stays clean and clear.

Fresh, mouthwatering breakfast platters change daily to excite your senses and are served on oversized terraces overlooking the pool.  

Come on in… and experience the magic of Aquaria Eco Resort, Bali.

May 2017 Blog Edition




Goodbye rain, hello sun 


Dear readers, 

As the wet season draws to a close, we leave behind the heat and humidity of April, and enter the easy warmth of May. It’s a quieter and more tranquil time. May, June and September are considered the best times to come to Bali, but personally I consider anytime is the best time to visit. A perfect time  to sightsee and enjoy the outdoors in the pleasantly warm weather.




Whats new at Aquaria in May ?

  News from the owners  :


So for all those of you who want to be closer to the ocean but still at a poolside price then in May we will be changing the Ocean View Apartment into two Poolside Superior rooms, both with airconditioning and king American beds. These two rooms have the larger terrace with clear views to the ocean only 20 metres away. For those who still want the family apartment, you can still connect them, so write to Glyn and he will work out the best price for you. See more in the June 2017 Edition coming next month.

Many of our lovely returning guests will be coming to stay in May. Did you know that you can get a long stay at Aquaria off season at a fraction of the cost. We have one guest who is staying 60 days.... Another guest stayed for half the normal rate for 7 weeks in February......  Yes its possible to have long stay holidays at Aquaria.

Did you know we also own a villa nearby? It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and pool, with great indoor outdoor living.You can book to stay there in May and June or September October November.......and still enjoy all the facilities of Aquaria with your Aquaria Club pass.
This villa is also for sale at AU$249,000.



 Splash Dining By The Ocean 

The manager - Ketut  has told me that the ocean project is nearing completion. He says that it has been slow progress as he will not allow workers to work whilst guests are in house, but he is hopeful that the new lounging terraces will be ready for Aquaria's 10th Birthday celebrations in June.



 Birthdays this month : 

 Ketut and Glyn 


 KETUT SUASTAMA - 17th of May  

Aquaria Manager 


Words from Ketut :

"Aquaria has a good atmosphere with great staff teamwork. I love the diversity of the staff. They are all different but I can help to handle them so we can be a team even if they are very different minded".

Ketut was our very first member of staff, looking after us and managing the renovation project. His honesty, integrity and organisational skills along with his sincerity and spirituality led us to choose Ketut, over more experienced applicants, to run the operations at Aquaria. He was out of his comfort zone many times, but we have been amazed at how he has grown, and handled all obstacles with his own style and philosophy, whilst trying to understand ours.

We have watched as he woo’ed  Iluh, married and had 2 beautiful children. Ketut and his family look after Aquaria, its land, and its 3 temples to maintain spiritual balance. Under Ketut’s care, Aquaria is always maintained and kept in order. He continues to watch over all our projects, as well as caring for Aquaria, the staff and its guests. He has learned to be a wise and fair leader, and we are all lucky to have him with us still...

 Ketut’s special birthday offer : Ketut is vegetarian and doesn’t drink - so enjoy a Cap Cay (a delicious meal combination of mixed vegetables) on him.


GLYN SMITH - 20th of May

Aquaria Owner


Glyn sold his dream property, (the one he had been renovating for 5 years), left his 5 acres and ride on mower, to pack up and go with Jeni on her spiritual journey to Bali. That’s the type of person that Glyn is - special, kind, thoughtful, and he puts other’s needs first.  His earth energies balance and ground Aquaria and support Jeni. Glyn has learned to go with the flow he walks lightly through life without ego, without the need to collect things.  He loves to share our journey with others and although shy and a little reluctant to be in the limelight, once he opens up, you can’t stop him. He seems like the typical Kiwi bloke,with a wicked sense of humour, and a taste for the Bali Bintang, but when you get to know him, you will learn his philosophy and connect with  his deep and spiritual wisdom..

Glyn’s special birthday offer:  Have a Bintang with him (or without him) and a glass of local wine for the ladies.  



A belated birthday !

Aquaria Chef 



Words from Krisna : " I love working here because it is a different place to work than others. Here is a family, making guests happy is the best part".

Krisna came from tourism training school as a trainee chef, working originally at our Refreseh café in town. He was already married to a beautiful girl and had a baby on the way. Now he has 2 beautiful children, and has become a responsible family man and his skills have grown, and grown. He is a pleasure to teach, he has a retentive memory, and a great command of English. He is a calming influence on the kitchen and is wonderfully patient when guiding others. We love the way he takes time to gather his thoughts and equipment together before rushing into preparation. His Chinese Buddhist background, his easy going nature, and his sense of humour, help us to maintain equilibrium and balance at Aquaria.

Krisna's special birthday offer: Krisna wants you to try his crispy zucchini balls, deep fried with feta cheese centres.

Aquaria will be celebrating its 10th birthday in June! Guests staying during the first week in June will be invited to join in the celebrations.  Last year, Aquaria celebrated it's official 10th birthday, to mark the 10 years from when the renovation started,  with a special dinner for the staff, featuring delicious suckling pig!
This year officially marks 10 years of opening: I wonder if Aquaria will be doing the same this year?  From what I hear they will be holding a special dinner for staff and guests similar to their New Year feast, but I am yet to know the date. Oh how I wish I was there to join in.

For me, Aquaria is a slice of heaven. After coming once and never thinking of going elsewhere, ever - I realised why. It is incredible, the staff are my family, the bosses put everyone first and I am completely at home when I am there. It is now my privilege to keep others updated on Aquaria so that when they are far away they feel they are close by just as I do.   

 Across the island : 


There appear to be less ceremonies this month, after the festivities of Nyepi, Galungan and Kunningan on the calender but see below for some events across Bali in May. 

 A little calender of events for May in Bali : 


13 Ubud Food festival

20 Tumpek Krulut- respect to bronze - instruments (gamelan), dance costumes and masks offerings laid upon gongs and the holy water is given to the instruments, with some offerings tied to the smaller instruments.

                                                                           The Aquaria Team wishes you all a safe month wherever you are. 

We thankyou for reading our blog this month. Please like us on our Facebook page and review us on Trip Advisor during your stay!


- Mirani 


Oceanfront and poolside accommodation

  • Standard Poolside King
    Pool front
    $ 70 USD per night
  • Standard Poolside King / Twin
    Pool front
    $ 70 USD per night
  • Poolside Superior King
    Pool front
    $ 75 USD per night
  • Poolside Superior King / Twin
    Pool front
    $ 75 USD per night
  • Oceanview Poolside AC room King or Twin
    Pool front
    $ 80 USD per night
  • Oceanfront Room
    Ocean front
    $ 90 USD per night
  • Upstairs Oceanfront Penthouse Apartment
    Ocean front
    $ 125 USD per night
  • Oceanfront Bungalow
    Ocean front
    $ 130 USD per night
  • Grande Apartment
    Pool front
    $ 145 USD per night

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