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Hello and welcome to November lovely readers! 


November is the time for rainfall, yet sometimes Bali's rainfall hasn't been recorded to start until early January the following year, so it is not always rain storm during this month. Our advice is to come equipt with attire in case of rainfall, and to carry an umberella and or rain coat with you when on your adventures around the island of Bali. Do not worry, the rain is not consistant during November, sometimes it is a nice break from the hot sun and often cools the place down tempoararily. Humidity can increase signifcantly during this onset of wet-season, as high as 80% so we strongly suggest to keep yourself hydrated and well sun protected. November's average temperature fluctuates, but it remains somewhat similar to October's temperature. Here at Aquaria Eco Resort, after rainfall the cool ocean breeze replaces the rain pour. 

Although we are nearing the year of 2017, so suddenly there are some very important and sacred events on the calender this month : 


Galungan Date: 1-2 November 2017




Galungan Day has arrived! once again, the Balinese across the island celebrate the day of Galungan and later Kunningan. This celebration commemorates the triumph of Dharma over Adharma, the symbolism of good versus evil. This is an extremely important event within Balinese culture, second in significance after the Nyepi or Saka New Year, which occurs twice within a Gregorian year. The 210 day Balinese calender called Pawukon is the guiding force to the basis for their daily rituals, temple anniversaries and holidays. Galungan is celebrated again on November 1-3.


Batukaru Temple ‘Piodalan’ Anniversary Date: 2 November 2017




The temple called Batukaru Temple will celebrate its biannual pidalan temple anniversary this November which coincides for the following Thursdays after the celebrations of Galungan. From the adjacent villages in Wangaya Gede pilgrims will commence as villagers from all over the island flock to this mountain temple for special prayers and rituals. 


Mekotekan Rituals Date: 11 November 2017 Location: Munggu Village, Mengwi district, Badung





This ancient tradition coincides with the day of Kuningan and features the male citizens of the village Munggu to raise long bamboo poles onto the streets. Thousands of curious onlookers and participants flock the streets to watch recreations of the triumphant battles of the Blambangan war. A dynamic pyramid is formed where opponents will climb up to the top and face-off at the peak.  

Kuningan Day and Sakenan Temple's ‘Piodalan’ Anniversary Date: 11 November 2017 Location: island-wide and Sakenan Temple, Serangan Island, South Denpasar




'Pura Sakenan' or Sakenan Temple as referred to by locals, is a vitally important temple in the southern region of Bali. It is located 10 kilometres South of Denpasar on a small island the north-western shore of Serangan. It was once well known for its pilgramiges which occured during the 210 day piodalan temple anniversary celebrations where in which the processions lead to Serangan Island by foot or by traditional wooden boats. Now in the modern age, since the 90's things have change, sadly as the natural landscape of the land has.


Tanah Lot Temple ‘Piodalan’ Anniversary Date: 15 November 2017





Tanah Lot Temple is one of Bali’s most important and recognised landmarks. It is most famous for its offshore unique setting and the picturesque showcase of sunset backgrounds that it displays. There is an ancient Hindu shrine which resides on top of an outcrop which is amidst constantly crashing waves. Tanah Lot Temple is a must when visiting Bali because it is located in such a beautiful scene along with its sentimentality and sacredness. 



Staff Birthays : 



2 October - Made Ardana (Dogler) :


7th of October - Ni Kadek Winanti : 




Agus Eka Putra 17th October 


 19th October - Waya Sudiarta (Toris) 



November : 

Kadek Sri Gayatri 15th of November




Putu Arini 17th of November : 


Nengah Urip Astiti 23 of November : 






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