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Dear October readers, first of all thankyou for taking the time to read our October Blog Edition this month. Bali during October is a great month because if you are looking to experience one of the quietest times to venture here it will be in October as it is low season. The weather sometimes feels like it is dry season and other times rainy, but usually there's only 15 days when you may see rain in October - but rarely a huge downpour. There are many opportunities to enjoy relaxation or acitivities around the island, so you can enjoy a quieter, tranquil Bali. October brings about pristine blue sky when the rain isn't falling and makes you feel like exploring the island. The humidity is between 23 and 33 degrees throughout the day, but it is still a wonderful month to come here. 




At Aquaria Eco Resort Bali and around East Bali  there are many ways to immerse yourself in Balinese culture while nurturing yourself in ultimate relaxation at Aquaria by the oceanfront or in our ionised pool and oceanfront saltwater pools while indulging in our healthy, organic, nutritious menu at either Splash! dining on the ocean or Aquaria's intimate restaurant with lots of vegetarian, vegan, seafood and meat options. 

Aquaria looks forward to welcoming you this month ... for bookings head to "rooms" on



News of the month : 






 The news of the month of course is the unrest at Mount Gunung Agung:

Mount Gunung Agung to date (1 October 2017) has not yet erupted, although news reports and some photos have shown that it has, but it is smoking, and there have been tremors. Villagers from within the 12kms radius have been evacuated and this now includes hotels and tourists from Tulamben Dive areas on the North East Coast. The army and Government have been vigilant, not taking any chances and seem to have organised timely evacuations very well. It was reported on Friday 29 Sept, that people from the nearby town of Amlapura were being repatriated, as it was outside the danger zone, although some people are staying away.

We have received conflicting reports and it has been difficult to get accurate information. The news likes to broadcast disasters, and dramatise the situation. But if nothing is happening, no disaster, then it is not newsworthy. Bali, Aquaria Eco Reosrt, Candidasa, airlines, etc, are all playing the waiting game. We have continued to update our Facebook page with any information that we receive. Candidasa is in a designated Safe Zone, outside the 12km danger zone, being 30 kms away. Villagers from within the 12km radius have been evacuated to Candidasa and nearby, and so we continue to assume we are safe. 

Candidasa is in the south yet still comparatively close to the volcano. The wind has been consistently to the North and North East out to sea, but has recently changed to the South and South West. Reports from volcanology experts outside Bali are saying that in taking everything that has occurred into account, the tremors, and times, the magma, and comparing to other volcanos etc, then there is a 90% chance that it will erupt, however, no one knows when, it could be days, weeks or even months. Some reports have said that the eruption is "imminent” and of course it could very well be, we cannot be too complacent, and we must prepare for the worst whilst praying for the best outcome.

We have a contingency plan in place in case of ash fall, which will be the most dangerous thing for Candidasa. Aquaria is made mostly of concrete cement and the pool is in the centre and this makes it safer. Blinds made of tarpaulin fabric, have been attached to all terraces, so that rooms can be closed off and secured. All rooms are equipped with gallon bottles of water, food packs, and masks, plus emergency lamps. First aid kits are at reception. Blinds have been attached to close off the open plan reception and restaurant areas. The Aquaria car is prepared to evacuate 6 guests at a time. We understand that buses will be made available for evacuation. Shelter will be set up in the carpark for loading and for motor bikes.

Meanwhile Aquaria and Candi Dasa are operating as usual, relaxing under blue sky and sun.

Owner, Jeni for Aquaria Eco Resort Bali.








Perang Tipat Bantal / Rice Cake Wars

Date: 5 October 2017

Location: Jalan Raya Kapal, Mengwi, Badung



This is a century of tradition where the villagers of Kapa, Mengwi gather at the front of the village temple and offer prayers and blessings to the full moon. This occurs on the fourth month in the Balinese calender. The streets are then overtaken by two groups who are armed with baskets full of rice cakes, tipat bantal, which they fling it at one another, resulting in quite a spectacular event. For the whole agrarian village the event symbolises prosperity and blessings for the village. The remnants of the rice are spread over the lucious ricefields after the battles conclude. 





Bali Vegan Festival

2017 Date: 6-8 October 2017

Location: Paradiso Ubud, Jalan Goutama Selatan, Ubud



Welcoming vegans! this is a three day festival at Down to Earth Paradiso, as well as Taksu Ubud. This is a celebration of cruelty free aims to unite the community which hope to spread messages of compassion, love for animals and kindness. Here there will be yoga instructors, healers, musicians, world-class vegan chefs, commedians, environmentalists and vegan lifestyle. Here vegan lifestyle enthusastic about veganism from all works of life come here from all across the globe. Share health-orientated food, learn and share new knowledge and form an appreciation for healthy food and lifestyle choices with likeminded individuals. 

Aquaria also welcomes vegans., we have many vegan options always available, so when you have celebrated in Ubud come down to the ocean and relax, and continue to eat healthy. We don't use plastic here, there is unlimited drinking water is available in all rooms, and also our shower and tap water is filtered too. 

Note : this may be subject to change due to Mount Agung. 



Tirta Empul Temple Piodalan Anniversary

Date: 5 October 2017

Location: Manukaya Village, Tampaksiring, Gianyar


Built in 960 AD, Tirta Empul is a very sacred holy mountain spring in the Village of Manukaya in Bali's centre. This temple is a legendary site where a traditional tale of good versus evil contribute to the cultural heritage site that it is. It is has seen the Balinese kingdom such as the Warmadewa Dynasty and is now home to the presidential palace, Istana Tampaksiring, which is built on top of the hill for the first president Soekarno. Tirta Empul translates to holy water spring which is the beautiful pristine water source that is located within the temples confines. There are spring purification baths, pools and fish ponds on the outer perimeter all in which flow out to the Tukad Pakerisan River. 


At Aquaria :




It’s been a busy time at Aquaria over the past 4 months. Many projects have been completed behind the scenes, to update Aquaria in our 10th anniversary year. The ocean front dining terrace is set up during the day with bean bags and sun loungers and then set up again with tables ready for sunset dining. The tide is turning now, so it won’t be long now until the waves break over the terrace in the evening. That’s why we’ve named it SPLASH!.... The dining terrace has been very popular with our guests and also for outside guests. It’s amazingly sheltered, even when windy, and its wonderful just to sit and listen to the waves on the coral reef, whilst enjoying an intimate dinner. We have a new big BBQ – wood fired, and many guests have enjoyed  fresh caught whole mahi - mahi fish grilled by the ocean.








Upgrade : 


The kitchen has been upgraded this year, its black and stainless steel and the staff are very pleased. At last Gusti and Krisna have got their stainless steel under bench chiller and prep table. We’ve also made space for a new test and preparation kitchen. The reception has also been upgraded,making more office space - actually we have done it twice as the first attempt was not successful, and it disturbed Toris ! ... and now we have a new Aquaria sign at the reception entrance. 








We have separated the dining area from reception: guests will now make their way over the bridge opposite the waterfall Buddha. We had a plan to make a little cocktail and juice bar in the garden, but we have shelved that idea and made a new and larger bar in the unused space at the restaurant so that the waiters can make cocktails on view of the restaurant. Over the years we have increased our staff 4 fold from 6 to 24, so we have had to expand to accommodate them. We now have 5 waiters instead of 1. For some it will seem less open than before, and for others it will appear more professional, with a defined dining area.When making alterations, I (Aquaria owner, Jeni) always keep in mind the original concept, so that Aquaria still feels the same. Things change;  in the beginning I did not want it to look like a restaurant but now I do!









Many of the bathrooms have been upgraded this year, but mostly it’s been about the usual upgrading and maintenance that has to be done each year, and this will continue to be carried out, as and when there are no guests here. More sofas and comfy chairs and larger tables have been added to the terraces, but I am sad to say goodbye to my unique and white washed tree slice tables with their cement bases, maybe it’s the end of the eclectic era? Renovations are always slow at Aquaria as we don’t make noise or activity that disturbs the guests. There’s always a lot to do when we are at home in Aquaria, new menus, new styling, food testing, new recipes, uniforms, training programmes, etc. There is always a lot going on behind the scenes.  





Healing Prayer by Ralph Waldo Trine:


"Hope is the balm and life-blood of the soul..... fear and worry have the effect of closing up the channels of the body, so that the life forces flow in a slow and sluggish manner.  hope and tranquility open the channels of the body, so that the life forces go bounding through it in such a way that un-ease can rarely get a foothold ... (enabling right action to occur in any given situation..)". 

 - Ralph Waldo Trine 


With love, 

The Aquaria Team 




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