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Welcome to our November 2020 Blog


wedding made doglarwedding made doglar pre


It’s wedding season in Bali!

Yes, you may recognise Made Doglar from housekeeping,  he and his fiancee (wife now) look like movie stars.  So romantic!

Ceremonies planned long ago will still go ahead.

Yuni (reception) was married on 29 October 2020



staff bored oct 2020no guests oct 2020

Aquaria is empty!. No guests, staff are bored without you.!


ploughing the field oct 2020back for the old ways oct 2020


Life goes on in Bali, still ploughing the fields the old way. 


palm trees and sky oct 2020

Bendy Palm trees are considered lucky in Bali, maybe break their fall if they slip down whilst cutting coconuts?

staff have a chat oct 2020


 The team are waiting for you

The Aquaria team are so grateful to receive their monthly food packs, which have only been made possible by the VIP Memberships.


Our VIP members have now received 6 months newsletters, recipes, photos and gifts. Thankyou to all of you for your Donations and support.   We hope our VIPs have enjoyed the recipes and the newsletters to keep up to date with Aquaria. VIP support has helped me to keep the team together and to ensure that our staff get monthly food packs.  Just contact us to continue your membership and receive more recipes for another 6 months. 


beautiful day on cd bay oct 2020

Yes, Candi Dasa is going downhill without guests!.... We are all at sea!


"The meaning of life is to find your Gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." Pablo Picasso


We have an idea for the perfect Christmas Gift for your friends and family. We will send them by email our Digital Flip Cook Book “A Taste of Aquaria”. The book is 50 pages, filled with photos and poems and quotes as well as the recipes.   (We hoped you would be able to pick up this book on your next visit, but that may be longer away than we first thought, so we have put the printing of physical books on hold for a while.) If you have experienced difficulty with postal services since Covid, as I have, then you may find this book to be the perfect answer for your friends and families, whether near or far. And of course, you will be helping to support the Aquaria family.


the perfect gift 3


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elaborate decorations for a Baby ceremony in the family home

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On the way to a ceremony


"If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be"             Maya Angelou


 There are 18 recipes in “A Taste of Aquaria” Cook Book.   Would you like to continue with your VIP membership for another 6 months and receive 6 more recipes and newsletters??   We would love to send these to you. If you wish to continue your membership, please go to the Aquaria website Appeal page on the April/May Blog and click on Paypal. AUD$50 for 6 months VIP membership.

ceremony I am signing off from this blog now and posting on line, as I am having problems with my laptop, and I cannot download more photos or info.  Looks like I am going to have to buy a new one.  
Thank you for keeping up to date with Aquaria news.
Take care ,
Jeni and the team at
Aquaria Bali



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