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Aquaria's monthly blog


After 10 years of filling notebooks, and telling stories about our experiences with Aquaria and our staff, I am now asked to write a blog!

When now I have run out of steam, when I have told it all and there is nothing left. 10 years of spontaneity, speaking my truth, sharing and caring, love and compassion, spiritual growth and turmoil. 10 years building Aquaria in Bali, 10 years of struggle to keep to my beliefs, to stick to my truth, my passion, and philosophy, against all odds.


I, who have resisted social media, gossip, twittering and blogging, am now writing a blog, and at last understanding, that all my little notes and sayings, and passions for the last 10 years, have gone unread, and unseen, and yet could have made a difference, and maybe this is what blogging is all about, just telling your truth or your stories, your opinions, or your heart songs.

The journey of Aquaria, the way of Aquaria, the difference that is Aquaria, and the difference is us.

It was always our intention to be different, to offer a different way of being. To respect our staff, to honour and value our guests, to offer the best we could, with care and compassion.

Why is Aquaria different from the hotels nearby, it is the heart and soul you can feel here. It’s the same ocean view, but a very different experience, because we create it so.

Everything in harmony, the colours, the space, the staff, the food .We invite guests into our home to experience our way. Guests who don’t need this experience rarely come to Aquaria. We trust in this process and when we truly trust and believe then magic happens here. It is not always easy, it is not always peaceful, often there are times when we need more business, and struggle and lose our faith, but still we resist the structured way of “marketing” and prefer to believe in energy.

There is an energy and vibration that draws people of like mind to Aquaria, and this is our difference. We are only human, not impersonal, not only about business. We, and all the staff at Aquaria are about caring and commitment, giving just that little bit extra, doing our best to make a difference in people’s lives.

From the beginning, we did it our way…. We trained the staff… our way…..we didn’t worry about other “competition”, we focussed on what we were doing.

To help and support visitors and staff in a nurturing environment. To support the environment. To provide a breath of fresh air without chemicals.

To be a catalyst for change, a pebble in the pond. To teach by example, to provide a community spirit…to avoid “doing good” or egotistical tendencies. To avoid doing things the normal or expected way.

- Jeni

“In all our relationships, in all our everyday encounters, there is space for our unique contribution and space in which we can enrich reality in that precise moment which is always unrepeatable”

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